Our Story

Sam and Lyle Harvey of Windy Acres Farm (formerly Free Range Farm) believe in producing food that is not only healthy and nurturing for your body, but also for the planet.

Sam grew up on a dairy farm in Dowelltown, TN. He often exasperated his parents by shooting hoops while he was supposed to be doing farm chores. He never once imagined that he would grow up to be a farmer, like his parents! (Neither did they!) After realizing that the NBA was probably not in his future, he attended the College of Charleston and pursued a career in healthcare. While living in Seattle for four years where Lyle attended graduate school for Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture, Sam and Lyle began to learn about industrial farming and it’s detrimental effects on animal and human health and our planet. They began to read everything they could get their hands on about sustainable farming and holistic nutrition.

In 2010, when Lyle and Sam moved back to Tennessee, they were passionate about growing their own food in a sustainable, organic way.  As Lyle launched her career in holistic medicine and acupuncture, she knew that the foundation of vibrant health is vibrant, holistic nutrition. 

They began the journey with raising grass fed beef just for themselves and friends on Sam’s parents' land. Overtime they bought more cattle, layers (egg laying chickens) and broilers (meat chickens) and the operation grew to selling at farmer’s markets and directly to consumers. Finally, they added pastured pigs to the operation. 

In 2018, Lyle and Sam moved to pursue a once in a lifetime opportunity to partner with Alfred and Carney Farris of Windy Acres Farm, a Certified Organic grain farm. Moving their pastured meats operation to Windy Acres has allowed them to adopt even more sustainable and organic practices to produce the purest, highest quality food for their customers.

Lyle and Sam have two young children, who love to “help" with chores, hang with the pigs and run wild and free through the pastures and woods.

Farming Practices

You hear the words sustainability, organic, non-gmo, cage-free, all-natural, etc. thrown around a lot these days. What does all of it really mean? How can you be sure that the meat you are eating is truly raised in a humane kind way for both the animals and our planet?

The sad truth is that a lot of what you buy at the grocery store, even expensive natural markets, is not truly sustainable or raised in a way that’s good for the soil and the planet. For instance “cage free eggs” are still raised in a barn with no fresh air or sunlight. Pork that is labeled "all natural" comes from pigs that are raised in barns with concrete floors, no sunlight, and no fresh air. 

At Windy Acres Farm, our animals are truly free range which means that they are breathing fresh air every day and able to move freely. They are expressing their inherent talents, whether that be scratching through the dirt looking for seeds and bugs or grazing on grass. We have high standards because this is the kind of meat that we want on our dining table. Even though it is much more expensive to feed pigs and chickens all organic grains and raise animals free range on pasture, this the kind of food that we want to feed our family and, in turn, we are happy to share it with your family as well!

Our meat is, of course, grown with NO antibiotics, NO hormones, NO GMOs, NO chemicals or pesticides. We go above and beyond all organic standards!

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