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We grow 100% Certified Organic Grains on 422 acres in Orlinda, TN.  We use regenerative farming practices, because giving back to the Earth and improving soil health are our top priorities.  We grow corn, soybeans, barley and wheat. We believe that growing these crops in a conventional, monoculture system with chemical inputs is detrimental to the soil and to ALL life on our planet.  Instead, we use a crop and pasture rotation system. Our 422 acres is divided into 20 separate growing paddocks or fields. Every field spends three years in perennial pasture, which is grazed by our pigs, chickens and cattle.  Their manure is the perfect fertilizer and soil regenerator. During the next three years, we rotate grains and cover crops, so each field is seeing an abundance of plant diversity.  As organic farmers, we, of course, never use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or insecticides. We conduct soil tests every year and work diligently to balance minerals and micronutrients in the soil. Grains are only as nutrient-dense as the soil that they are grown in.  As we prioritize soil health, our grains are truly some of the most nutrient-dense and vibrant grains available on the market!

How to Purchase:
Livestock Feed and Food-Grade Grain are available for purchase via on-farm pick-up.  Please contact Sam for availability and to schedule pick-up time.  You may call or text Sam at 615-684-5873.
Thank you for supporting our local, organic and regenerative farm!


WINDY ACRES FARM - Grain Pick-up at:
5552 Dixon Road, Orlinda, Tennessee 37141


Yellow corn, feed grade                                  16.50 per 50 lb bag   0.33 per lb

Yellow corn, cleaned                                       20.00 per 50 lb bag   0.40 per lb

Yellow corn, open pollinated, cleaned          25.00 per 50 lb bag   0.50 per lb

White corn, open pollinated, cleaned            30.00 per 50 lb bag   0.60 per lb


Soybeans, feed grade                                     27.50 per 50 lb bag   0.55 per lb

Soybeans, roasted, feed grade                      34.00 per 50 lb bag   0.68 per lb

Soybeans, clear hilum, cleaned                     37.50 per 50 lb bag   0.75 per lb

Soybeans, dark hilum, cleaned                      35.00 per 50 lb bag   0.70 per lb


Field Peas, feed grade                                    28.50 per 50 lb bag   0.57 per lb

Soft red wheat, feed grade                             17.00 per 50 lb bag   0.34 per lb

Soft red wheat, cleaned                                  25.00 per 50 lb bag   0.50 per lb

Hairy vetch, cleaned                                       125.00 per 50 lb bag   2.50 per lb

Oats, unhulled, feed grade                             18.00 per 50 lb bag   0.36 per lb

Oats, unhulled, cleaned                                  25.50 per 50 lb bag   0.50 per lb

Rye, cereal, cleaned                                        25.00 per 50 lb bag   0.50 per lb


For bulk orders of single grains, deduct $0.02 per pound (minimum 2000 lb).

Rolling and cracking                                        0.03 per lb

Rolling, cracking and mixing                          0.07 per lb


Layer grains with minerals                             25.50 per 50 lb bag

Non-Soy Layer grains with minerals             27.50 per 50 lb bag

Broiler grains with minerals                           27.00 per 50 lb bag

Non-Soy Broiler grains with minerals           30.25 per 50 lb bag

Starter grains with minerals                          30.00 per 50 lb bag

Goat grains with minerals                              25.00 per 50 lb bag

Swine grains with minerals                            22.00 per 50 lb bag

Aragonite                                                          0.40 per lb

Poultry Nutri-balancer                                    1.50 per lb

Goat Nutri-balancer                                        1.50 per lb

Swine Nutri-balancer                                      1.00 per lb

Thorvin Kelp                                                   1.50 per lb

Sea-90 salt                                                       0.75 per lb

Fish meal                                                         1.55 per lb

Fertrell Cattle Choice                                     1.20 per lb

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