Grain Prices

We grow our own certified organic grains, including corn, wheat, soybeans, barley, buckwheat, rye, milo, and hairy vetch. We have a limited amount of organic, non-hybrid, open pollinated yellow and white corn. We supply both food and feed grades, bulk or in 50 lb bags.

We now have cleaned soft red winter wheat ready for grinding.  This wheat makes a great pastry flour.

All grains are from non-GMO seed and are USDA Certified Organic by Quality Certification Services.

$/50lb bag $/lb
Yellow corn, feed grade $16.50 $0.33
Yellow corn, cleaned $20.00 $0.40
Yellow corn, open pollinated, cleaned $25.00 $0.50
White corn, open pollinated, cleaned $30.00 $0.60
Soybeans, feed grade $27.50 $0.55
Soybeans, roasted, feed grade $34.00 $0.68
Soybeans, clear hilum, cleaned $37.50 $0.75
Soybeans, dark hilum, cleaned $35.00 $0.70
Soft red wheat, feed grade $15.00 $0.30
Soft red wheat, cleaned $25.00 $0.50
Barley, unhulled, feed grade $18.00 $0.36
Milo, cleaned $25.00 $0.50
Hairy vetch, cleaned $110.00 $2.20
Buckwheat, unhulled, cleaned $37.50 $0.75
Rye, cereal, cleaned $25.00 $0.50